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In this building, located in the valley of  Lanzo Torinese, old district of the French Republic called “Alta Savoia” (Dept du Po) lived Mr. Paul Alessio. Starting from  November 26th 1812, he produced his ingenious tools.
 SILMAX, which replaced in 1955 G.B.Savant, restored the building, regenerating the machines and the existing tools from the old factory. The result is an historical museum, with an atmosphere that is taking us back in the working reality of 1800.

opening hours :
The museum can be visited every day after appointment. For any further information please contact the manager of the museum Mr Ignazio Gindri

email : linog@libero.it 

How to reach us :
Lanzo Torinese is located in the North of Torino, near to Lanzo's Valleys (exit ring road Venaria)
[download the map]

Address :
10074 Lanzo Torinese, Via Fucine n.9
telefono: +39 0123 940301
telefax:   +39 0123 940399
email : silmax@silmax.it

Headquarter, Via Fucine 9, 10074
Lanzo Torinese (TO)
Ph. +39 0123 940301 Fax +39 0123 940399
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