Silmax Boards of Directors has recently made an important investment that allowed, after 30 years from the opening of Balzers – Silmax, to have, starting from January 2014, its own Internal PVD Coating Center.
The Production site, together with the new cleaning plant and the new warehouse storage system, will be located in the former  Balzers - Silmax facility.

Cleaning system
Silmax provides,  for his coating center in Lanzo Torinese, a fully automated, modular cleaning plant, including ultrasonic immersion tanks,  osmotic rinsing and end dryer.
This system has been designed using the latest technologies available in the field of Industrial Cleaning.

PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition
An  electric arc of few microns size is moving over the solid metal coating material, causing it to evaporate. Because of the high currents and power used, the evaporated material is almost totally ionized to form a high‐energy plasma.
The metal ions combine with the reactive gas introduced into the chamber and hit the tools or components to be coated with high energy. So they are deposited as a highly adhering, thin coating.

SILMAX’s tools are available with coatings for high-performance applications providing a greater heat and chemical resistance in the dry and high-speed machining processes. The coating reduces the surface friction and guarantees a higher quality surface finishing and a better chip removal.

Headquarter, Via Fucine 9, 10074
Lanzo Torinese (TO)
Ph. +39 0123 940301 Fax +39 0123 940399
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