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The new carbide end mills have been designed with a special geometry with unequal helix angle and irregular tooth division, which allows to avoid vibrations and to reduce cutting forces in critical cutting areas during machining operations.


This product line includes:

  roughing and semi-finishing end mills with chip braker

  • To work in extreme conditions
  • For slotting materials with Ap>2D

Suitable for many machining processes as:

  • Heavy duty side machining
  • Slotting over 2xD
  • Diagonal plunging

  finishing end mills

  • To attenuate the vibration level during milling operations
  • To guarantee a 30% higher productivity compared with standard tools

Suitable for many machining processes as:

  • Side milling
  • Slotting up to DxD
  • Diagonal plunging
  • Finishing
  • Trochoidal milling

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