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MODIFICATIONS OF STANDARD TOOLS It is possible to modify standard tools according to Client's requests. For ex.: -100 % radiused or corner radius upon request, special resharpening, and many others, our SilService department is organized to realize it as soon as possible.

RESHARPENING SERVICE Silmax offers to its customers an high tech resharpening and recoating service, named Sil Service. Using CNC machines of the last generation is possible to renew the tools. For the coated tools, with the recoating we grant you the same performances of a new tool. Contact our nearest distributor for more information.

HEATING TREATMENT Within the production of HSS Co tools the Heat Treatment is the most delicate phase, and it can emphasize the characteristics of a good steel. Since 1995 in Silmax it is operational a High Vacuum Heat treatment centre, in Lanzo Torinese, equipped with the most up-to-date technologies. Here we provide our decennial experience in heat treatment of HSS-Co to our customers.

Headquarter, Via Fucine 9, 10074
Lanzo Torinese (TO)
Ph. +39 0123 940301 Fax +39 0123 940399
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