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Our Mission

Choosing SILMAX means selecting a company with an age-old tradition that is prepared towards the future in which technology and innovation should be the cornerstones of any company’s production philosophy.
The guidelines that characterize our society, inspiring the activities are:
  • Designing innovative solutions through constant Research & Development, solutions which fully respond to all your present and future requirements.
  • Manufacturing products using ever-increasingly advanced technologies and systems to meet the highest quality standards required by the various markets.
  • Presenting a catalogue which offers a full range of tools which are always   being developed and which have considerable value and a very competitive price
  • Outsourcing the sales service to technically-advanced partners who can offer you a highly efficient assistance service.
  • Guaranteeing rapid and complete delivery of the products ordered all over Europe and worldwide.

These company strategies are fully shared by everyone at  Silmax and the whole staff   focuses on the pursuit of these objectives.

The President
Ing. Enrico Fumagalli

Headquarter, Via Fucine 9, 10074
Lanzo Torinese (TO)
Ph. +39 0123 940301 Fax +39 0123 940399
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