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Silmax Cannondale, 13 athletes for the 10th season of the Piedmont Team

“ The enthusiasm is always the same”, says Beppe Giordano, the team manager of Silmax Cannodale. At Leini, in Turin province, was introduced the Team Silmax Cannodale, the unique Piedmont team that will have athletes in all racing divisions. The place is always the same, the style is simple and concrete, but without doubt the distance traveled in these 10 years was very long. No doubt we must admit that the philosophy and the approach of Beppe Giordano were the key of success of this successful years. Indeed, there weren’t so many changes regarding the sponsors and the staff that remained the same for two decades. These are sign of reliability and  concreteness for a team with a large potential and which made from the realism its winning tool.

For the season 2012 the number of racing athletes will be 13, they will be divided in: 2 athletes starting in the classification: students, 1 Junior, 4 in the classification Under 23 and 6 Elite. A high presence, because beside quantity, there is a lot of quality. Starting with our youngest hopes Giole De Cosmo, Fabio Cipriano e Jacopo Billi, athletes that will be trained by Massimiliano Milan, the captain of the team.  Starting under 23 is Filippo Blanc, Paolo Malinverni, Gabriele Nuccio and Manuel Felder, a Tyrolean recommended by Hannes Pallhuber.  And it was Pallhuber to open the long succession of elites: Renato Reinaudo, Massimiliano Milan, Walter Costa, Johannes Schweiggl and Samuele Porro.

A team very well assorted, without women, and with concrete objectives without any fancy thing.  “We need visibility and for that are well the XC but mostly the marathons. My opinion is that making 80ht place at the World Coupe won’t serve anything. I must add that this year is the Olympic year and the doors of the blue are closed to our athletes. The CT has made his own choices and at the moment we are out”, says Beppe Giordano.
Hence, it will be a season dedicated in large parts to marathons, even if Porro and Schweiggl, certainly the two athletes with the major possibilities in cross country, don’t hide their own ambitions. The blond boy from Como it is the most frank: “There are important competitions like the Italian Internationals were I will try to achieve great results. For the Olympics there isn’t any space and neither I have ever thought, but there are still the Europeans and the World Cup, and really hope to participate”. Either Schweiggl  doesn’t  hold back: “ I will concentrate on World Cup even if I’m hoping to achieve good results at the marathons.”

Even in 2012 the team will be supported by companies like: Silmax, Cavallo’s Workshop and by the new sponsor Omes. The technical partners will be Adidas Glasses, Met, X-Bionic, Northwave, Performance Maxim and Mariposa. The bike will be, without doubt, a Cannondale, model Flash 29 for big Athletes.

“2012 will be the third year of collaboration”, says Simone Maltagliati, responsible of Italy Cannondale. “For us it is a very important collaboration, because we have a team with high professional athletes capable to transmit to the public a very positive message of our brand.” “Until some years ago the 29 wasn’t able to compete with the 26. Today the times are mature thanks to the developments and not only regarding the chassis, also other special components, the gap is closed. Surely the model 29 has a different driving performance and it is more difficult to accelerate it, but once reached the racing speed, the 29 performs with a 3% energy saving.”
The bike will be customized with high level components. Stems and crank set will be from Leonardi Factory, another partner with who the collaboration allows new developments and improvements on brackets. The shells will be Rubena, saddle and seatpost Fizik, brakes Magura, Tune provides wheels and other components like the use of the covers Shelter for the protection of critical parts, a cover that prevents scratches and that  not only  has an aesthetic look but helps avoiding material failure.
A bike that in its complex, breaks included, weights only 8,8 kg, indeed something excellent that will be provided for Silmax Cannondale athletes for the already started season.

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